Community Engaged Learning

Working with students is a central component of GAAP’s work. Each year, we work with a community-engaged learning (CEL) student to help us organize GAAP activities.

Over the years, CEL students have helped us:

  • lead annual World AIDS Day events for undergraduate students;
  • organize our annual youth sexual health symposium for undergraduate and graduate researchers, as well as youth community researchers;
  • coordinate GAAP-related research activities, workshops and events;
  • update the website;
  • support youth-led community initiatives (where GAAP is a partner);
  • and make connections in local communities.

The CEL student is a part of New College/ University of Toronto’s Community Engaged Learning program. Students receive a full-year course credit. Generally, students are upper-level undergraduate students who are committed to working for social justice and are looking for meaningful, practical, or research experience that makes a contribution to the social service or community sector. Applications for CEL students open each summer for the following year. If you are interested in becoming a student, please get in touch with the CEL program at the link above.

GAAP has also had the privilege of working with Masters-level graduate students over the years on select  projects. We also host student practicums in collaboration with other youth-serving sexual health organizations. Please contact with questions.  We would love to hear from you!

GAAP has been fortunate to work with the following students over the years: Shannon Jankari (2019-20);  Talia Lerner (2018-19); Iman Ahmad (2017-18); Ola Skudlarska (2016-17); Emily Berry (2015-16);  Tumani Lyaruu (2014-15); Spiros Vavougios (2013-14); Cassandra DangNguyen (2012-13); Kamilah Apong & Sasha Elford (2011-12); Jessica Khouri (2010-11); Lexie Maister (2009-10; 2016-2107)… and many more!