Community Engaged Learning

Working with students is a central component of GAAP’s work. Each year, we work with a community-engaged learning (CEL) student to help us organize GAAP activities.

Over the years, CEL students have helped us:

  • lead annual World AIDS Day events for undergraduate students;
  • organize our annual youth sexual health symposium for undergraduate and graduate researchers, as well as youth community researchers;
  • organize GAAP-related research activities;
  • update the website;
  • and make connections in local communities

The CEL student is a part of New College/ University of Toronto’s Community Engaged Learning program. Students receive a full-year course credit. Generally, students are upper-level undergraduate students who are committed to working for social justice and are looking for meaningful, practical, or research experience that makes a contribution to the social service or community sector. Applications for CEL students open each summer for the following year. If you are interested in becoming a student, feel free to get in touch with the CEL program at the link above. You may also contact with questions pertaining specifically to the GAAP practicum. We also host student practicums that are in collaboration with other youth-serving sexual health organizations. We would love to hear from you!