Taking It Global Xpress – HIV/AIDS

This project aimed to create innovative tools for HIV/AIDS prevention and education, with a focus on issues of global social justice. Participants in Canada and South Africa used photography to express themselves on HIV, with a focus on three main areas:

Social Inequalities

  • Inequalities that contribute to HIV vulnerability, both on a global scale,
    as well as within Canada
  • Determinants of health such as poverty and gender violence

Global Education

  • Global disparities and impacts, such as the migrant workforce and the lack of access to anti-retroviral medication
  • Global responsibilities and failures for HIV prevention and aid
  • The disproportional impact of HIV/AIDS on girls and women


  • Analyzing and challenging stereotypical representations of HIV/AIDS
  • Creating alternative representations that reflect youth’s own realities

The resulting photographs were used to develop a youth media toolkit for HIV/AIDS education. To learn more about this project, read narratives about the photos, and learn how you can apply a similar approach in your classroom, download the Taking it Global Xpress photovoice toolkit here

Partners: TakingIT Global & Teen Net
Funder: The Canadian International Development Agency