Taking It Global Xpress – HIV/AIDS


Partners: TakingIT Global & Teen Net
Funder: The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

This project aims to create innovative tools for HIV/AIDS prevention and education, with a focus on issues of global social justice. Participants in Canada and South Africa will use photography to express themselves on HIV, with a focus on three main areas:

Social Inequalities

Inequalities that contribute to HIV vulnerability, both on a global scale,
as well as within Canada
Determinants of health such as poverty and gender violence
Global Education

Global disparities and impacts, such as the migrant workforce and the lack
of access to antiretroviral medication
Global responsibilities and failures for HIV prevention and aid
The disproportional impact of HIV/AIDS on girls and women

Analyzing and challenging stereotypical representations of HIV/AIDS
Creating alternative representations that reflect youth’s own realities
The resulting photographs will be used to develop a youth media toolkit for HIV/AIDS education. This toolkit will be featured online at http://www.TIGed.org, http://www.utgaap.info and results will also be presented at the upcoming HIV/AIDS conference in Toronto in 2006.