Peer Education & Evaluation


Building capacity to conduct community based research on evaluating youth sexual health peer education programs

The purpose of this research project was to build the capacity of community organizations to evaluate youth sexual health peer education programs.

The specific objectives were to:

  • synthesize and disseminate knowledge on levels of sexual health education among Canadian youth
  • synthesize and disseminate knowledge on evaluating peer education programs, particularly programs focusing on youth and sexual health develop and pilot a method of evaluating the efficacy of youth peer education programs
  • The literature reviews will be written by high school students who will be trained in research methods by a graduate assistant on the project.
  • Interviews on needs and best practices in peer education evaluation methods will be conducted with peer educators recruited through our Community Advisory Board.
  • Based on data collected through peer educator interviews a peer education evaluation strategy will be developed and piloted

Check out our  project bulletin entitled  Sexual Health Peer Education Program Evaluation 101! You can also view our our report with a sample of all our tools.

This was a collaborative project with Let’s Stop AIDS, Planned Parenthood Toronto, Patrick 4 Life and York University. Funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Source Photo: World AIDS Day, New College 2018