Widening the Circle for Prevention

HIV Risk, Systemic Inequities, and Aboriginal Youth: Widening the Circle for Prevention Programming

Partners: The Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network & Youth Action Network
Funder: The Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR)

Our overall goal for this project is to further our work with Aboriginal youth on issues related to HIV risk and to use this data to suggest prevention strategies that may work for aboriginal populations. We plan to conduct focus groups with Aboriginal youth in urban and reserve settings in two Canadian provinces: Ontario and Quebec. Our specific objectives are to:

examine race, racism, stigma and other systemic inequities as risk factors for HIV infection;
explore how race intersects with other equity entry points to increase HIV vulnerability and;
identify educational and community support initiatives that work for Aboriginal youth.
The results of this research will allow us:

to compare issues facing Aboriginal youth in different geographical locations;
to ensure that the voices of Aboriginal youth in various contexts are considered in HIV prevention and programming and;
to consider the relevance of our findings for HIV prevention programming for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal youth.
Read the report (PDF).