Toronto Teen Survey


The aim of the Toronto Teen Survey (TTS) is to gather information from youth on assets, gaps and barriers that currently exist in sexual health education and services and to use the information to develop a city-wide strategy to increase positive sexual health outcomes for diverse Toronto youth.

The TTS research project is a partnership between the Gendering Adolescent AIDS Prevention Project (University of Toronto), Planned Parenthood, York University’s Faculty of Environmental Sciences, the University of Toronto’s Public Health Sciences Department, the Ontario HIV/AIDS Treatment Network (OHTN), and Toronto Public Health.

Teens are integrally involved in all stages of the TTS project design, development, implementation, and evaluation.  The first phase of this project concluded in summer 2005. In phase one funding was secured from the Wellesley Central Grants Program to recruit 12 teens to form a Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) to assist in the development of a survey designed to assess the current state of sexual health services and desired attributes of ideal services for youth.

In March 2006 funding was secured from OHTN to undertake the next two phases of the proposed research.  In phase two, the survey will be distributed to diverse youth across Toronto in order to find out what sexual health services are currently being used by youth, what are the biggest barriers that prevent youth from using sexual health services, and how can these barriers can be removed or minimized.  The survey will be administered to youth groups in Toronto by the YAC.

In the third phase of this project, survey results will be presented to focus groups of service providers currently engaged in sexual health promotion. During these facilitated discussions, service providers will be asked to reflect on what the results mean to them in their everyday work, how current services could be adapted or improved, and provide input into the development of a comprehensive, coordinated city-wide strategy to improve and target sexual health services for youth that takes into account the diversity of youth communities and necessary approaches.

View the final report here.

More information:
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