Sex eduction by theatre

Michelle Nyamekye, Lauren Chang, Charmaine Chang, Niru Jeya, Thuriga Balasubramaniam, Emma Wheaton, Mary Getachew, Sara Ahmed, Isfandyar Virani, Aleef Khan, Saad Ilyas, Talib Rashdi, Hamza Shahid, Amen Adio are performers and youth peer educators with SExT.

Sex Education by Theatre (SExT) is a theatre-based, peer education sexual and mental health workshop and performance program created by PhD. Candidate Shira Taylor (Dalla Lana School of Public Health) that engages youth from communities where sex education is cultural taboo in a way that celebrates diverse identities. When they’re not on tour, SExT regularly performs and facilitates discussions at GAAP events such as the Youth Sexual Health symposium, and our annual World AIDS day events.