World AIDS Day 2016

Theater, Crochet and More

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World AIDS Day Flyer, 2016

World AIDS Day 2016 was an event put on by GAAP in collaboration with the Women and Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto. The event was attended by students in the WGS160 Intro to Women and Gender Studies class and served to bridge the gap between theory and practice for these students.

The event featured a workshop from the EMPOWER Youth and a community volunteer arts fair, where different arts based youth education initiatives in Toronto showcased their work, and facilitated a small craft.  Featured tables included SKETCH, crocheting by Tumaini Lyarru, Pieces to Pathways, The University of Toronto Sexual Health Education Centre, and  GAAP.

We also got to see a performance from SExT, Sexual Education by Theatre, a youth created and performed sexual education musical. For more information on SEXT: