Photovoice Workshop: Gender, Youth and HIV/AIDS

This photovoice workshop explored the relationship between gender, youth, and HIV/AIDS. Participants were members of the New College, Youth Advisory Board for the Gendering Adolescent AIDS Prevention (GAAP) Project, University of Toronto. Participants were invited to attend a presentation on the structural determinants of HIV risk from a gender and global perspective. Following the presentation, youth were given disposable cameras and asked to work in small groups to take photographs that reflected ideas and/or issues about gender and HIV/AIDS raised in the presentation.

When the photos were developed, each group was asked to write about their images using the following questions as a guide: 1) What is happening in this photo? 2) Why did you take this photo? 3) How does this photo relate to gender and HIV/AIDS 4) What is a good caption for your photo? All photos were then displayed on a large blank mural with room for all workshop participants to comment on the images produced by other groups.

Selected photos from the workshop are posted in the slideshow below.

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