World AIDS Day 2018

Roll it on Down

The World AIDS Day 2018 event was held on November 29th in collaboration with the Sexual Education Centre (SEC), Sexual Education by Theatre (SExT), and PEAK from Planned Parenthood.

The was attended by students from the Introduction to Women and Gender Studies class. The event began with falafel wraps for dinner, sexy bingo, and sexy cupcake decorating. A representative from SEC gave us an overview of the resources that the University of Toronto provides. SExT performed a few songs to teach sexual health in a fun and informative way. One song taught us how to properly use a condom!

We finished up with a workshop led by PEAK about anti-retroviral medication, reducing stigma against HIV/AIDS, and transmission. We wrapped up by sharing our thoughts on what we learned.

Post written by Talia Lerner, GAAP student learning placement student.