Youth Research Symposium: Youth, Sexuality and Reproductive Justice 2013

Symposium Schedule of Events

(March 28th, 2013)

Opening Remarks

Panel 1: Reaching Out – Reinvigorating Education on Sexual Health, Homophobia and Transphobia

Ashling Ligate: “Performing Education”

Maya Lefkowich & Elinor Keshet: “Let’s Hear it for the Boys”: Exploring Masculinities in an Effort to Tailor Sexual Health Programs to Young Men

Wendy Dobson, Ricardo Alleyne, and Anny Chen: “Home: A Queer  Experience”

Panel 2: Critical Conversations: HIV/AIDS and the Social Determinants of Health

Jalpa Shah, David Christie, and Bridget Relyea: Scraps of Free Thinking: A comparative study of youth views on HIV transmission

Nadha Hassen, Kashfia Alam, and Krista Richards: “Addressing the Social Determinants of Health in Practice: An Analysis of Black CAP’S Roots of Risk Programme”

Kevin Egan: “Investigating non-adherence to HIV Treatment”

Lunch time poster and digital storytelling presentation

Ciann Wilson & Nakia Lee-Foon: “The Sex and YOUth project”

Keynote Speaker

Jessica Fields: “Rethinking Adolescence in Participatory sexuality Education”

Community Knowledge Session

Griffin Centre: “Finding Our Compass: Strengthening LGBTQ Community and Disability Activism through the Arts”

Planned Parenthood Presentation

Panel 3: Youth for Youth: Education and Leadership in Sexual Health and Sexuality Studies‬

Ricky Rodrigues: “Totally OutRIGHT”: Creating Young Leaders in Gay and Bi Men’s Sexual Health

Zoë Newman, Nikkita Anderson, Alison Aston, Tamika Jarrett, Kulsoom Khan, Carmela Reina AND Michelle Sirju: “My Sexuality Studies Video Diaries”