Youth Research Symposium: “Youth and the Determinants of Sexual Health” 2012

On March 22, 2012, GAAP and Planned Parenthood Toronto co-hosted a youth research symposium entitled, “Youth and the Determinants of Sexual Health.” The event brought together community youth and university students to enjoy a day of academic and artistic presentations, as well as a delicious lunch from the Raging Spoon.

In addition to a keynote presentation by Laina Bay-Cheng entitled Thwarted Agency: The Sexual Experiences of Adolescent Girls in the U.S. Child Welfare System, attendees enjoyed the following presentations:

Sarah H. Smith: Institutions and Intimacy: School-Based Sex Education as an Agent of Socialization
Jena M. Hall: Social Anxiety in Street-Involved Youth with a History of Childhood Sexual Abuse and its Indirect Effect on Motivations for Sex
Erin Konsmo: Taking Action! Art & Aboriginal Youth Leadership for HIV Prevention – Connecting Colonization and HIV through relationships to Culture and the Arts
Panel presentation and Digital Stories by Mark Wright, Rainbow Samantha Hunt, Hisayo Horie, and Andii Bykes: Empower Youth: Arts, Activism, and HIV
Ciann Wilson: Jezebel: Exploring the Impact of Stereotypes on the Sexualities and Sexual Health of Young Black Women