Youth Sexual Health Research Symposium: Our Bodies, Our Sexuality, Our Rights

Schedule of Events

(Thursday, March 15th, 2018)

Youth Sexual Health Research Symposium: Our Bodies, Our Sexuality, Our Rights:
The goal of the symposium is to bring together community youth and university students to share their research and artistic pieces on youth sexual health. In the current political climate, this year’s symposium will provide a crucial forum for solidarity and resistance. During the symposium, students, youth, academics, policymakers, and community members working in or interested in these fields will be given the opportunity to network and engage in each other’s’ work. We encourage students from all disciplines to present research “in progress,” test out ideas for a thesis or dissertation proposal or present original research and/or artistic pieces.

Panel 1: Social Action Research

Nashwa Lina Khan: “Comparing the Experiences of Refugee Women, Unwed Mothers, Sex Workers, and Women Living with HIV Accessing Healthcare in Morocco: Narrating Citizenship and Health”

Adam Davies: “The Pleasures and Tensions of Gay Male Social Networking Applications: An Exploration into Gay Media as a Form of Curriculum”

Sarah Edo: “Prison Abolition Imaginings: Confronting Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and Sexual Violence”

Panel 2: Historical Perspectives on HIV/AIDS

Zohar Freeman: “’Talking Bodies’ — Excerpts from the Foolscap project”

Braden Kenny: “The Impact of Colonization on the Vulnerability  of Indigenous Women to HIV”

Keynote Talk: Native Youth Sexual Health Network

Guest Presentation: Network 4 Change (Indigenous Girls Project)

 Keynote Performance: SExT (Sex Education by Theatre)

Panel 3: Education and Policy

Ghazal Haddad: “Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt: Policy and Future”

Jessica Wright: “Building Trauma-Informed Consent Education: Listening to Youth Who Are Survivors of Trauma”

Panel 4: Community Approaches to Social Change

Rainbow Co CO Channel: “Rainbow’s Pride in Scarborough (RPIS) Empowering Disability Youth Through Engagement.”

Sarah Switzer, Tatiana Ferguson, Anthony Boni, Michael Keshane, Eliza McWhinney, Kamilah Apong: “Putting together the pieces: Towards an imaginative re-framing of youth engagement for HIV prevention”

Closing Remarks

Symposia 2018 -2

Funded by New College.

Sponsors: Gendering Adolescent AIDS Prevention (GAAP) – EMPOWER – Planned Parenthood Toronto – Women and Gender Studies Institute & New College, U of T.