Youth Sexual Health Symposium 2019: Knowledge is Power

Schedule of Events

(March 21, 2019)

Symposium 2019 2

Youth Sexual Health Research Symposium: Knowledge is Power brought together sexual health researchers, community groups, and youth with the goal of sharing innovative ways of teaching sexual health. The three panels were Sexual Autonomy and Empowerment in Relation to Sexual Health, Local and Transnational Approaches to Sexual Health, and Disrupting Normative Sexual Discourse Through Media. We enjoyed a performance by SExT and presentations by Networks 4 Change and authors of Sex is a Funny Word.

Panel 1: Sexual Autonomy and Empowerment in Relation to Sexual Health Taylor Berzins:  Survivor Support and Community Outreach through Art: A Creative Response to Non-Agentic Campus Resources Jessica Wright “Yes Means No”: Thinking Through Trauma Survivors’ Struggles and Access Needs for Consent Education Rainbow Coco Channel: Rainbow’s Pride in Scarborough (RPIS) Empowering Disability Youth Through Engagement

Panel 2: Local and Transnational Approaches to Sexual Health Vivila Yujuan Liu: Sex Education and Sexual Health in Chinese Youth Mara Hayward: Street Involved Youths’ Perceptions of the Appropriateness and Acceptability of Peer Navigators to Increase Access to and Uptake of HIV Prevention, Testing, and Treatment in Canada and Kenya Deanna Hembruff:  Abortion Bans in El Salvador, The Dominican Republic, and Haiti: Culture, Law, and Bioethical Analysis

Lunch, Art Installations, and Resource Tables

Keynote Talk: Cory Silverberg and Fiona Smith, Authors of Sex is a Funny Word Keynote Performance: SExT (Sex Education by Theatre)  

Special Guest Presentation: Network 4 Change (Indigenous Girls Project)  Shezelle-Rae Sam and Keenan Andrew  

Panel 3: Disrupting Normative Sexual Discourse Through Media Nashwa Khan and Sarah Edo: Creating Space for Nuance(d) Voices in Sexual and Reproductive Health Media Adam Davies:  Grindr and the Construction of the (Homo)Rational Subject: An Exploration into Gay Media and Emotional (Dis)Connection

Closing Remarks

Symposium 2019 1

Symposium 2019 3

Much gratitude to our partners: Women and Gender Studies Institute, Planned Parenthood Toronto, Rainbow’s Pride in Scarborough, and New College. Photos and poster design: Talia Learner, GAAP student learning placement